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Parivarthana Business School (PBS) is dedicated to providing a premier business education that is uniquely focused on guiding individuals towards their personal success.

Our core values center around nurturing students to become self-directed learners, collaborative team players, critical thinkers, effective producers of quality work, and responsible contributors to the community. We uphold the highest standards of academic excellence, mutual respect, and social consciousness.
At PBS, our primary mission is to ignite career momentum. We recognize the potential of our students to excel, the willingness to continuously evolve, and the determination to persevere even in the face of challenges. This intrinsic spirit, coupled with an education that is distinctive to PBS, culminates in graduates who possess the knowledge and competencies required to navigate new horizons, drive positive transformation, and make immediate impactful contributions within their organizations.
Our distinguished faculty members are devoted to cultivating the best capabilities within our students. At PBS, we instill the skill of achieving tangible outcomes. This trait is evident in our remarkable student job placement rates, the reputation of our comprehensive career services, and our prominent global standing as a preeminent business school.


Our financial aid program makes PBS affordable for every family throughout the world.
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An education at PBS has limitless possibilities. Our courses are taught by esteemed faculty members.
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Inspiring Student Life

Our residential system creates more opportunities for learning with peers and professors from different backgrounds.
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Studying business at PBS is a great way to enhance your career. In today’s competitive environment, professionals need the skills to adapt to an ever-changing business world.