About Trust

About Trust


The inception of the Oom Shreenikethana Trust (OSNT) on December 29, 1982, marked a significant milestone in the pursuit of delivering quality higher education for all. This institution was established upon the bedrock of steadfast values, unwavering discipline, and a resolute commitment to nurturing capable individuals for the betterment of society.

Guided by the visionary leadership of Dr. M Puttegowda, the founder Chairman of OSNT, this institution represents the embodiment of a self-made individual. Dr. Puttegowda’s early roles as a Judge and a participant in the realm of Politics laid the foundation for his eventual devotion to education. OSNT, under his guidance, was conceived to empower every child, transcending barriers of gender, social standing, and religious affiliation. Its purpose is to endow young minds with knowledge, skills, and the self-assurance needed to steer India’s forthcoming generation as trailblazing leaders.

OSNT stands as a paragon of excellence across diverse spheres of research and academics. A noteworthy addition to its repertoire is the Parivarthana Business School (PBS), a new venture that has emerged from the OSNT stable. PBS boasts remarkable infrastructure and a dedicated faculty, both of which collectively reinforce the pillars of our institution’s vision, mission, and core values.

Within the halls of PBS, an environment of innovation thrives, fostering the growth of entrepreneurs and the incubation of startups. It is with immense pleasure that we extend an invitation to budding minds, inviting them to inscribe their contributions within the pages of our esteemed Book of Success. With this, we delve into an exploration of the Parivarthana Business School – a testament to our commitment to excellence, empowerment, and progress.